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Making better websites,
(and more importantly)
Making websites better.

At JustAdequate Media our goal is to help you create a website that provides your customers and clients with a Superlative Customer Experience - the difference between having a burger at a fast food joint and ordering a sirloin at the finest steakhouse in New York. Both restaurants serve you a meal, but you know from the moment you sit down which establishment provides the better service and the better care. The difference is more than simply the meal, it's in the details and nuances of how you're treated - and the actual food is just one part of that experience.

The truth is, we're not really working for you -
we're working for your customers.

And in fact, right now we're working for our customers (that's why this website's still a tad incomplete) - but keeping checking back because soon we'll give you a simple test to see if your website makes your customers feel like they're relaxing in comfortable seats, or the table's bolted to the floor...

If you want to talk to us right now about improving your website, you can email us at Info@JustAdequate.net - and because we believe in customer service, we promise we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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